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Your website and social media should be growing your business and your client base. If it’s not, you’ve come to the right place.

We are a full-service marketing agency for functional medical doctors, naturopaths, and alternative healthcare providers. 

Campaigns That Help Your Business Grow

Ad campaigns and marketing for functional medicine is not one size fits all. With LeBaron Agency you’ll get customized videos and ads that are specific to your practice. 

Our Services

Video Marketing

Want people to get to know you, your treatments, and the results you can provide? High-quality video production is the best way to gain trust in the alternative health industry. Video is great for  testimonials, mini-documentaries, case studies, office introductions, and more.

Reputation Building

The internet changed how patients choose a doctor. Social Media Verification, Video Testimonials, Podcasts Interviews, and Press Publications build your trustworthiness online and will help you fill your appointment book. 

Business Strategy

We take the guesswork out of planning the best marketing strategy for your business. You specialize in healthcare, not marketing and that’s why we’re here. Let’s take your practice to the next level using the best and most current sales strategies such as email marketing, SEO, Facebook ads, case studies, and mini-documentaries. Stand out from the competition.

About Us

Founder Estephania LeBaron-Papanicolaou is passionate about inspiring people to be proactive in their health. Through her own challenges finding and vetting holistic treatments, she saw a need for natural health practitioners in marketing. She realized most doctors in this field of medicine are not trained in sales and don’t know how to get the word out effectively about the amazing treatments they offer.

With her extensive background in video production and her network connections with top-tier marketers, she is able to fill the gap to help Austin-based functional medical doctors reach more people seeking better health outcomes.  

Our mission at Lebaron Agency is to help you get new clients and to spread awareness of what’s possible with holistic and functional medicine. Together let’s educate the public on the wealth of healing and restorative benefits that you bring to your clients.

Your Marketing Team

The Faces Behind The Scenes

Our team has worked with thousands of health and wellness businesses, ranging from small local businesses to large publicly traded companies. We have established systems and processes to ensure your success. You will not only get what you paid for but have a team of people making sure that your needs are met. 

"They (LeBaron Agency) update your website, they handle your local listings….they create your online presence, they improve your online reputation, they handle your sales funnel — it’s a really remarkable asset to any doctor.”

John Meisel
Family Medicine

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